Immigration Reform: NOW


Honestly, the odds of getting any form of meaningful immigration reform presently is like expecting to win the lottery without even playing. In other words, it isn’t going to happen but it should. Instead, we are getting jackbooted enforcement teams raiding communities and detaining people who are trying to comply with the law. Even the subject of immigration reform itself is complicated by the fact the people are beholden to backward concepts about what immigration really is. For many, they believe it is the cause of a decaying American culture, not that we ever really had one, but you can’t tell them that. So what do we need concerning immigration reform?

Right now, it takes YEARS to become a citizen of this country. Considering that we can transmit financial data across the world in less than a second and we can land a man on the moon, plan to go to mars, while also making robots that can respond and emote but we can’t get immigration done quicker?  Do you know what that is? It is due to the fact that in order to become a citizen it takes cooperation from various agencies and organizations and half the time they don’t talk to each other when there is a crisis much less when someone is trying to move here.

Conservatives think that liberals want immigration because we want to destroy the country or build a voting block or just because we want to. No, we want people who want to come here and build a life and join our communities as partners. Which is why we want a streamlined process. No Democrat or liberal or otherwise I know supports just letting people walk in across open borders. Nor does anyone I know support criminals being allowed access. However, we don’t think it is fair or compassionate to make it take years and years before they can become part of our country. Nothing wrong with proper vetting, but it shouldn’t take ten years to get a Green Card.

We also want the Federal government to stop using our police force as immigration officers. For every immigrant that is picked up and detained, that means our tax dollars are going to do the job that is clearly under the jurisdiction of the Feds. If my house gets robbed, and an immigrant saw who did it, I would rather they come forth instead of being worried about being detained. I have seen it in action. People afraid to talk to the police about a crime because they were scared of being picked up by the local flatfoot. Seriously, cops should be working on serious crimes not whether or not little Jose is here illegally.

Some might say that those who are here illegally are committing a crime… technically, that is true. However, when was the last time you drove one mile over the speed limit? Technically, that is committing a crime as well. Do most cops bust you for one mile? No, most don’t. As long as the immigrant has committed no crime other than being illegally here, it should be no harm, no foul. Still, they are here illegally because they can’t get here legally, we won’t allow it without years and years and years of work.

Now some might say that if they want it so bad then they should be willing to wait years and years. True, but when was the last time you had to wait years and years, living on nothing but hope that things will get better? That you could have a chance at a better life? That you could become more than what you are now? Immigration reform is needed and it is needed for compassionate reasons and to stop the unabashed nationalism that is destroying our country. Sadly, it isn’t a flow of illegal immigrants who will bring about the down fall of America, it is going to be us to spite all the immigrants. My thought for the day.


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