Save Humanity: Ban Religion NOW!


While religion has been a key element in many civilizations since the dawn of time, it has also been a prime motivator in some of the bloodiest conflicts imaginable. No religion can really lay claim to the term “A religion of peace” because ultimately it is determined by what the followers do. It’s true, that we could argue the advantages and disadvantages of religion. Discuss the various altruistic points in all religions and could even find some commonality between them all. However, that is all irrelevant to what I am trying to explain.

Before moving to the reason why religion and I do mean all religions should be banned, I need to cover a few points. Regardless of how persuasive my argument might be, there are people who will easily dismiss it. No matter how well I present anything, some people are going to think religion is the cat’s meow and will refuse to believe anything back can occur in their religion. Despite all of that, I am hoping that at least one person will understand what I am saying, even if they don’t totally agree.

In addition to people dismissing this post because they are enamored with their religion, others will point out that Freedom of Religion is a Human Right and they would be correct. The odds of anything I say actually reaching anyone deeply is slim to none and even further still, getting governments and the majority of people to support such a notion is almost impossible. No, this is more of something to think about.

If you have a background in geopolitical studies or strategic studies or just love history, you might recognize that the civilizations on this planet are approaching a crossroads. (You need to understand, I am talking about the bigger picture here, so keep that in mind.) The inequality gaps in wages, economic potential and more is growing wider and wider each year. The gap between the haves and have not’s are increasing along the same lines. While this is taking place, a clash of cultures is growing as the global power base shifts from West to East. Now, add a dash of populist rousing based on fear and mix with a pinch of opportunism by various political forces and you start to see the upcoming powder keg.

However, there has to be a match to this powder keg and while there are various elements that could set it off, there is one that will set it off and that is the upcoming clash between the two largest religions. Right now, the core cadres on both sides are digging in. These fundamentalist groups are cutting their teeth on each other and the other side. They are learning how to use the political system for their own gains and they are learning how to diminish checks and balances of governmental systems. In those governments that do not have such a balanced system, much of the political groundwork has already been done.


For an example of what I am talking about, one only has to look at Turkey. Once a proud secular nation, it is now moving rapidly to a functional theocracy with democratic trappings. All one has to do is look deeply at the results from the coup attempt and what brought it on to see that this is already in motion. The same can be said at the recent rumblings in Serbia. Hell, for that matter all one has to really do is look at what is happening here in the U.S. The main focus of Trumps anti-immigration stance has been focused against Muslims. While, yes, they have been picking up undocumented workers, however, the main goal is to prevent Muslims from coming to this country. There was even whispered discussion of a Muslim registry. Needless to say, it is happening everywhere.

Still, let’s ignore the ideological tremors for a second and look at the natural flow of civilizations. There are many reasons why civilizations fall but one thing is always certain and that it always starts from within and that is the place where religion lies. You see, anytime you have competing ideologies or mythologies, one has to triumph over the other at some point. While they can remain in a conflicted but non-confrontational stance for a time, eventually, they have to come together and one will rise over the other, even if for a short time before the winner is itself destroyed. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it is Game Theory and eventually, Islam and Christianity, coupled with Judaism, will have to come together in conflict. It is just the natural order of how things work.

Having said all of that, there are a couple of things to consider. One is that it is possible, if incredibly unlikely, that someone is going to purchase a clue and put a stop to the march of religions to their demise. Secondly, given all the variables involved, it is possible that humanity will find another reason to destroy itself before these two religions come to global blows. However, all that will do is just reset the timeline and we have to start over again. Finally, it is conceivable if improbable that both religions will prevent such an occurrence by finally coming together in peace. I know, I don’t believe it either.


The one thing that could happen or should happen is that humanity decides to give up religion altogether. Notice, I said religion, not spirituality. One person can be spiritual but two people are a religion. So, what does banning religion entail? No more organized religion. No churches, no more religious gatherings, no Christian or Islamic bookstores, NADA, NOTHING. Your first reaction might be to say that it will only drive them underground. You’re probably right and while I have an idea about that, I am positive no one would like it so I will keep it to myself. The point would be to remove religion from all aspects of public life. IF John McFamilyman wants to pray at home or read the Bible or Quran in his home, more power to him. However, once he goes to the store or to work, he has to keep it to himself. If he wants to not eat pork because it is against his spirituality, then Fine, he doesn’t have to eat pork. HOWEVER, if he has to have Sunday off because of his religion, well, that is a no go. In other words, no accommodation for religion.

If you are still reading up to this point, you might be angry or agree and that is on you. Like it or not, organized religion WILL at some point it will either bring us to the brink of destruction or it will cross the line and we will all be human glow sticks. Religion is a human construct and it is up to us to put a stop to it. No one is saying that you can’t have a belief in a higher power. I am only saying that you can not use that as a justification to persecute, harm, control, manipulate, legislate and more, or at least you shouldn’t be able to. Finally, someone could claim that my desire to ban religion is doing exactly what religion is doing or that not having religion is a religion and to that, I can only say as they do in Texas… Well, Bless your little heart.






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