I Am A Liberal Who Might Not Be Liberal Enough

These days, liberals, libertarians, conservatives have pretty much lost all meaning. Now it is Neo-Socialist this and Neo-Fascist that or anarchists or for some they just boil it down to “That’s stupid”. You really can’t be a centrist anymore because if you have an opinion that contradicts the other side then you are “one of them.” Even if you are talking to people on “your side”, and you have a different opinion, it doesn’t matter that you agree with everything else, you’re an agent of the other side.

It is in that vein, that I am going to explain how I am a moderately conservative liberal in a sea of silliness. Let start with a good one right off the bat. White Guilt.

I don’t buy into White Guilt. I have never owned a slave and never would. I have ancestors who might have and considering that my DNA profile shows that I am full European, I wouldn’t doubt it in the least. Do I feel guilty about that? NO! Why should I? I disagree with slavery in any form and as part of that, I refuse to be a slave to quilt as well. Slavery is wrong, no matter how you cut it and to be honest, I am not 100 percent behind the concept of White Privilege. I certainly don’t think it applies to every white person. Seriously, if you think whites can be horrible to the other races, they can also be horrible to each other. Oh, I have seen the lectures, watched the videos, seen the documentaries and I am sure that some people have gained from white privileged by the same token, not everyone has.

I don’t believe every conservative is a racist either. I know some conservative racists. I grew up around plenty of them. However, not every conservative I know is a racist. In fact, some that I know would love to come out and say that racism is bad but they don’t want to be accused of being liberal or not being conservative enough.

I don’t totally agree with Wind and Solar energy. In this case, I am a really bad liberal because I do believe in nuclear power and think we should build more. I do think wind, solar and tidal energy has a role to play and I agree with removing fossil fuels from the energy equation to a point, but I see limitations and I certainly don’t think moving to all electric cars and trucks is a good idea. To put it another way, I will NOT own an electric car. I will make my own fossil fuel before that happens. Do we need to limit emissions and use more mass transit, yes of course and I would even use some mass transit but I am not giving up my Harley.

Guns… I agree there should be some limitations to guns. No, the mentally ill should not have guns, nor should domestic abusers but for the law abiding citizen who legitimately wants a gun for self-defense, I think it is reasonable. I own several guns and mostly for self-defense of home and property. I don’t think necessarily that we should have open carry and I think concealed carry should be limited to circumstances.

Here are some other things that make me unliberal in today’s terms.

  • I hate vegans… eat meat you creeps!
  • I don’t care about organic or not organic.
  • I like to wear cotton and not hemp.
  • I approve of GMO foods
  • I like large sodas
  • I don’t care if you wear fur
  • I don’t care about factory farms. The results are delicious.
  • I like large industrial plants. I think they are cool

These are just a few of my more conservative…hehehe… opinions. By contrast here are some of the liberal things I believe in.

  • Racism is a big problem in this country.
  • Gays/Trans etc should have equal rights
  • Everyone should be treated with respect
  • Organized Religion should be outlawed
  • We should spend more money on education instead of the military.
  • I agree with entitlement programs
  • We need proper regulations
  • Gender is a spectrum
  • The environment does need protecting
  • Corporations are screwing folks over
  • I agree with a single payer system
  • Medical care is a right!
  • I believe in Human Rights
  • We should stop bombing the shit out of others.
  • Israel is in the wrong on settlements

There are more of these as well such as good immigration policies that don’t destroy families or allow immigrants to be exploited.

The point of all this is simple. Liberals and some conservatives have good points and either side can have a good idea or two. What we need in this country, besides getting rid of Trump, is going back to being able to compromise with each other. Somehow, compromise became a dirtier word than the word fuck. Now, if I am not a liberal because I agree with compromise or I am a terrible conservative because I think we should compromise than so be it.



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