Why Repubs Won’t Dump Trump: YET!

If there is one thing most people can agree on is that the wheels of Congress grind slowly, if at all. Even when one party holds the majority in both houses of Congress, things always proceed at a snail’s pace. At least in the past. However, recently there has been a flurry of bills attempted and passed. So what is really going on? Did suddenly, all these men and women discover the healing power of meth in their coffee? Not likely!

From its outset, the Trump administration has been rocky and perhaps, even more, rocky than we expected. To start with, this administration has been leakier than a Flint water line and just as toxic. Within days of his assuming power, there was more coming out from leaks than poor Sean Spicy could handle and the flow, while slowed, probably has more to do with the fact that Trump spends his weekends in Florida than anything else.  Of course, even the establishment GOP’rs haven’t missed this fact. To the degree, that they have turned into little Dutch boys trying to get their finger in the dike.

Beyond the leaks, there has been plenty of action from the Trump administration and most of it bad for the GOP.  He has had more negative press than any president in history in his first few months, even Nixon did not suffer that. There is the fact his first executive order on immigration was blocked as well as his second and there are more court fights gearing up in the bullpen on his others. There are enough lawsuits coming or planned that will keep the lawyers in business for a very long time. None of this is being missed by the GOP. With all this going on, why is Congress in such a rush. Such a rush that they couldn’t even build a consensus in their own party concerning the repeal of the ACA?

If we take a clue from Occam’s razor, the answer is really simple. The GOP knows Trump is a fail president and they also know that sooner or later they are going to have to take sides. To save their necks and stay in power, it won’t be Trump’s side. As more and more people become disenchanted with Trump, only his most loyal supporters will stay by his side. That is how politics works. So, they are trying to push the party’s agenda as fast and furiously as possible.

Notice, I said the party’s agenda and not Trump’s. It was obvious during the primaries that Trump and the party were not on the same page. However, as a person just recently pointed out to me, the party will prevail. Candidates come and go but the party remains. The GOP establishment knows that Trump is going to be hung out to dry sooner or later. The momentum is building and even if he makes it a full term without being raked over the coals, they know that the odds of him winning a second term are a long shot. They know that the DNC is mobilizing right now and they also know that Trump isn’t hurting the DNC but he is hammering the GOP.

With every Twitter bomb and with the mountain of bad press working over time, even some from Fox News, Trump will eventually be a footnote in history.  For many of us, it won’t be soon enough but the GOP is going to do what is right for the party, not the candidate. They see  Trump’s time is likely limited and they want to get their platform in place and their agenda going before it happens. Right now, they are resisting any attempts to attack Trump but sooner or later they know they will have to make the choice between Trump and the party and Trump will be the loser.



2 thoughts on “Why Repubs Won’t Dump Trump: YET!

    • No doubt, it will be a mess. The real question is, will be how big is the mess and can it be fixed. I think the GOP is hoping that once their agenda is in place, it will be hard to remove and they might be right.

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