Does knowing more about me change your opinion of what I say in anyway? Well it probably shouldn’t so I am not going to bother to write stuff about myself in this section. Hopefully you will read what I post and think about the things I said or at least refute them in your mind based on facts but that is probably expecting to much. More than likely you came in here looking for something in my background that would make it easier for you to dismiss what I said in the blog, but I am not going to make it that easy on you. So now when you dismiss what I have to say by calling me crazy, ignorant, naive or a fool you will be doing because you are having an emotional response to what I presented and not because of my background, living status, or state I live or the fact I still have hair. Opps, that slipped out but oh well, most people have hair so you can’t use that against me.


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