Its The Law, Stupid!

In the last several days I have run across several different articles on Sheriffs who all say the will not enforce a gun control law that they feel is unconstitutional. This is wrong on so many levels I am totally amazed that they would even venture to think this much less announce it publicly. Seriously, how did these people even get appointed or elected sheriff in the first place? I can not even begin to tell you how stupid this is but I will try anyway.  First off all, law enforcement officials do not and should not get to cherry pick what they will and won’t enforce. I am not against an officer of the law having some discretion as some leeway has to be given but to out and out refuse to enforce a law is not only illegal but dangerous.

When you are speeding and get pulled over and the officer gives you a warning the officer is using his discretion on if to give you a ticket or not. He is, however, still enforcing the law as he pulled you over. If he had refused to pull you over because he disagreed with the law then that would be the same thing we are talking about. This is a dangerous direction to take for an officer of the law. Let me give you an example. Lets say the law bans assault rifles all together and says that possession of a assault weapon is illegal. (Not that I would agree with the law just using it as an example.) So now we have this law and lets go further and say the Supreme Court of the United States upheld such a law. As most certainly any law like that would be immediately challenged.  We now have a law that means any possession of an assault weapon is a crime.

A white male, age 45 is driving back from the gun range and has a AR-15, one of the banned weapons in his car. The officer pulls him over for speeding and sees the weapon in this guys back seat. The weapon is unloaded and the mag is not in the weapon. The officer lets the guy go because he considers the law unconstitutional.  Same officer the next day, pulls over a black male, age 25 with the exact same type of weapon in the same condition and he takes that person in to jail. Tell me, what do you think the response would be? Since the law is technically on the books and can and should be enforced he takes the black guy in but because he is a white power supporter and his sheriff says to not enforce the assault gun ban he lets the white guy go. How is that remotely fair?

Next example. Officers who is not a racist stops a white male, aged 30 with a assault weapon in his car. The weapons is unloaded and in the trunk. The Sheriff has told his officers not to follow the now assault gun ban and lets the guy go. Two hours later the officers is having to respond to a school shooting by the very same male that he stopped but did not arrest? Tell the grieving parents that their children died because you believe a law is unconstitutional.

This isn’t about what side you are on in the gun control debate. This is about applying the law fairly and equally. Law enforcement officers are there to enforce the law with out bias. Yes, there will be laws that we disagree with. Yes, there will be laws we think are unjust but there are ways to change those. There are processes in our political system for that very reason so laws can be changed. We have courts that will decide what is constitutional and what isn’t. Law enforcement officers should protect and serve not select and serve.



2 thoughts on “Its The Law, Stupid!

  1. First off, this article is full of BS that it has no facts to it. It is a typical Liberal rant against those who believe in the Constitution and will stand to defend it. Guns have killed less people than baseball bats, check the FBI stats. Number 1 killer is tobacco,and even cars kill more than guns. It is not the gun stupid that kills but the person holding it. Why are you liberals not ranting about bat control or car control? Because you socialist commies have an agenda to destroy this great Country. Hopefully someday you and your ilk will wake up to the fact that WE THE PEOPLE will NOT let you destroy our Great Nation no matter what it takes to stop you.

    • How about learning to read before you comment. 1. Sheriffs do not interpret the Constitution. That is the job of the courts. 2. As I said in the article, this isn’t about gun control but the law. 3. Bats and Cars don’t enhance mass shootings. 4. You are so ignorant that you can not tell the difference between socialism and communism. 5. You are not ALL The people and ALL the people have a right to have their voices heard. I suggest that you pay attention to what is being said next time before you comment so you don’t look like an idiot.

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